How To Install Retractable Window Screen?

How To Install Retractable Window Screen?
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How to install retractable window screen?

1.Preparation:Polyester polyester yarn net,two clips to fix screen,

four tri-angle to fix out-frame and PVC link;four strips include

magnetic strips with back glue,magnetic strips at section in lattice window.

and PVC plastic strips.

2.To confirm the out-frame size,this should be exact.then make the PVC strips

fit for the size.then put the strips into the tri-angle to be a frame.

3. Put the Polyester polyester yarn net on the frame,push the strip into the PVC

inside track.last step is to cut the rest part outside the frame.

4.You need to put the magnetic strips with back glue on the one you pushed in PCV track.

after the step,clean the frame,work finished.

retractable screen specification.pngretractable screen advantage.png

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