How To Clean The Retractable Window Screen?

How To Clean The Retractable Window Screen?
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How to clean the retractable window screen?

Step one,you should disassemble the retractable window screen.

1.Pull the screen handle out about 10 centimeters,then pull 

it out slowly from the inside room.if there are some hooks on

window screens,the same method as above.

2.When you get the inner roll screen,get the Aluminum alloy out. careful about the frame corner.or the screen will be broken.

4.When you get the roll out,there will be another,fill the another

with cloth material.

Step two,to clean.

Clean dust

To brush the dust from both side,then wipe with a sponge or a soft 

brush dipping with washing powder or soap-suds.from up to dowm,left

 to right.after you wash it,the dust on window screen will be clean.

Clean the oil crust

Put some newspapers on the kitchen floor,get the screen mesh and put

the papers on the mesh,in order to make sure Oil absorption,you should

exchange the greasy papers several times.when there is little oil dirt 

on screen,use the wire-steel dipping with detergent,don't forget clean

it with dry cloth,and apply some engine oil in case of rust.

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