Aluminum White Invisible Retractable Screen Door

Aluminum White Invisible Retractable Screen Door
Product Details

Aluminum white invisible retractable screen door

Invisible retractable screen door is a good product to prevent the mosquito

and keep ventilated.It's very convenient for customers,little space occupied,

good tightness.

operational principle:

The spring roller shutter will roll the screen mesh in an aluminum box,

just pull it when you use it.anti-mosquito,flyproof and bugproof,nice profile

and pragmatic.

Design philosophy:

The diameter of the mesh thread is extramly fine、light transmittance is considerable、

it's "invisible" as if "it dosen't exist..."

1.The eligible stuff has the standard as below:high hardness、transparency、

Corrosion resistance、weather fastness、stabilization、low Refractive index.

2.It's necessary to use transparent monofilament.

3.Knitting tightness is high,you will get diffraction.

4.Coating film with environmental stuff.such as fiberglass、polyester、

two above is plain-weaving.the fiberglass is frequently-used one.

the color:black、gray、gray-white.the black one has the best hardness.

roller door screen.png优势.png

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