130x160 Aluminum Frame Fixed Insect Screen Window

130x160 Aluminum Frame Fixed Insect Screen Window
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fixed insect screen window;  Aluminum Frame fixed Insect Screen Window






fixed insect screen window is a product with sample appearance, but if you think that it is easy to produce, you will make a big mistake. There are many professional aspects about fly screen window. Firstly, let’s talk about the material. The quality of material is biggest factor for the Aluminum Frame fixed Insect Screen Window. The material of main frame is aluminum alloy and the net is fiberglass mesh with plastic accessories. Our products are suitable for the window frame or door frame of various materials. Secondly, the aluminum frame is very different. Some product with low quality always use the Second-hand aluminum frame. It is easy to be damaged under the hot sunshine and its price is much lower than others. The gap of cost is pretty big, so we should pay more attention to select the high- quality fixed insect screen window. A lot of people don’t think it is necessary to buy good insect screen, but in modern society, it is a unwise behavior. High-quality insect window can provide healthy life environment for us, especially under the condition of air conditioning.  The circulation of air is of great benefit to the human body. Using insect window is also a good way to advocate the environment protection. It is our duty to make a contribution for our earth as a qualified citizen . It's very pleasant to live in a fresh air environment. Imagine how beautiful it is to open the windows, breathe the air outside and look at the beautiful sky in the early morning. In this time, noisy insects are very annoying, so don’t hesitate to purchase a high-quality fixed fly screen in order to enjoy wonderful life. Our Aluminum Frame fixed Insect Screen Window have a long tradition in this line. Contact us if you need any help. Email:susanzhang@smartexscreen.com                                    

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