Fiberglass Screen Netting Material

Fiberglass Screen Netting Material
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2. We, Smartex, is one of largest manufacturers for fiberglass screen netting materials. Actually our products is fiberglass screen, not all fiberglass screen material. Fibertlass netting is another name of our products. Features:

Charcoal fiberglass screening is woven from permanent glass yarn

Fiberglass screening will not crease, dent or unravel 

It is produced under the most rigid specifications

Bright Screen will not rust, corrode or stain; shrinkwrapped roll

Designed to withstand all climates and salt water

Easy care and installation make this to most popular type of screen on the market

Most commonly use type of screening in new construction

Welcome to buy the quality fiberglass screen netting material made in China with our professional manufacturers and suppliers. We are equipped with a professional and productive factory at your service. Don't hesitate to contact us any more.